Rumor: Target Adding Apple Pay in 2019?

We reported earlier this year that it looks as though Target is moving forward with bringing Apple Pay into their stores. As of today, it would appear as though Target’s Twitter customer service has been able to confirm this rumor.

Apple Deals This Week at Best Buy and Target

Since this is the week of Christmas, there are still some stores out there that are having deals on Apple products right up until Christmas Day. This is good for all of you people who procrastinated getting your presents up… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Don’t Forget: Today’s the Last Day to Get Your Gifts Orders on Time Through Target

Today is the final day and your last chance to get your Christmas gifts through Target from their website and app. Target has said that if you order today by 12:55 PM EST, your items should be at your door… Continue Reading →

Last Week Before Christmas Apple Deals

This is the last full week before Christmas, so, with that said, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect for Apple deals this week due to it being said last full week before Christmas.

(EXPIRED) Target Sells HomePod at $250 This Week

This week, as part of their weekly ad, Target is selling the HomePod for $250. The price for the HomePod has not been that low since Best Buy sold it at the same price on Black Friday this year. 

Rumor: Target Could Be Getting Apple Pay in Stores Soon

Thanks to a recent video that was posted to YouTube and shared to Reddit, it has come to our attention that Target could be bringing Apple Pay to their stores soon.

Target Uses iOS 12’s AR Feature to Help Customers Pick Out Christmas Trees

Target has always been a popular place to go to and shop during the holiday season and with that, this year, they are doing something very cool with their iOS app that involves iOS 12 and its cool AR features… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in the 2018 Target Black Friday Ad

Target has unveiled their 2018 Black Friday deals. Their sales begin on November 22 and will go until November 24. Target’s stores will open at 5 PM on Thanksgiving and will close at 1 AM on Black Friday, and then… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Be Using Apple Pay This Holiday Season

Halloween is literally less than a week away, with Thanksgiving and Christmas to follow. Apple Pay might be your best friend this holiday season, not only for the easy convenience of buying gifts for yourself, friends and family, but to also… Continue Reading →

7-Eleven and CVS to Accept Apple Pay This Fall

It would appear as though Apple Pay is getting two more big merchants sometime this fall! This fall, both 7-Eleven and CVS plan to start accepting Apple Pay in their stores.

Where to Buy CD’s with Apple Pay

As of today, stores like Best Buy and Target are no longer going to be bringing in and selling CDs in their stores. The reason for this is that CD sales have been declining significantly over the years and that… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week: 05/06/2018 – 05/12/2018)

Target, like Best Buy, is having this week be dedicated to the full week before Mother’s Day, which is May 13 this year. Even though they do not have as many Apple product deals as Best Buy does this week,… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week: 04/15/2018 – 04/21/2018)

Although they do not have as many as Best Buy this week, Target still has some deals that are pretty good. Here are those following deals!

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week: 04/08/2018 – 04/14/2018)

Normally we post the Target logo when we do articles like this but since the only deal this week is on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, so the photo above makes perfect sense.

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week: 03/31/2018 – 04/01/2018)

Like with Best Buy’s deals this week, I feel as though Target is having these deals this week because it is the week before Easter Weekend. With that said, although there are some that do not compete with Best Buy’s… Continue Reading →

Review: SuprJETech 9.7-Inch iPad Case

With the purchase of my new iPad 5th Generation, I was looking for a new case for it. I usually get an OtterBox Defender case for it, but due to the fact that I am a college student and that… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week 03/11/2018 – 03/17/2018)

We have not reported on Target in a few weeks due to a lack of Apple product sales from them. With that said, there are still a couple deals out there that we must report on because it is a… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals from Target (Ad week: 02/11/2018 – 02/17/2018)

This is the last few days before Valentine’s Day, which lands on Wednesday this year. Although there are not as many deals at Target this week as there is at Best Buy, there are still some good deals out there…. Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week: 02/04/2018 – 02/11/2018)

Unlike Best Buy this week, Target has plenty of Apple and Apple-related product deals that are being offered this week. It should also be noted that this is the last full week until Valentine’s Day, so this is your last… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals From Target (Ad week: 01/21/2018 – 01/28/2018)

January is typically a month where stores don’t have many sales due to the fact that most consumers are spending their money paying their bills from the holiday season. Even though that may be the case, Target is still having… Continue Reading →

Opinion: What Top 5 Stores Need to Add Apple Pay in 2018

It’s no secret that Apple Pay is the future of paying for items in-store and online. Although brick-and-mortar and traditional retail stores are dying off, it is still a good time to be a retailer today. The industry is just… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals at Target This Week (Ad week: 12/17/2017 – 12/24/2017)

This week is the last full week before Christmas, which also means it is the last full week to make sure that you get everything you need (and want) before then because after that…well, you probably don’t want to be… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in This Week’s Target Ad (Ad week: 12/10/2017 – 12/17/2017)

We decided to get back into posting weekly ads during the holidays because it could help our readers out when purchasing gifts for the holidays. Target does still have some deals out there on Apple products this time of the… Continue Reading →

Target Announces Cyber Monday Deals

Target has announced their 2017 Cyber Monday deals, which I should also add that this year it is going to be more of a Cyber Week. Along with that, during the holiday season, Target will be offering free shipping on… Continue Reading →

The Best 2017 Black Friday Ads

Black Friday starts this Thursday on Thanksgiving for some stores. Some of the sales and deals have already started, but who has the best deals for Apple products?

Apple Deals in the 2017 Target Black Friday Ad

Target’s 2017 Black Friday ad is officially out the public and with that come some of the best deals of the year and the holiday season. 

Apple Deals from Target This Week (Ad Week: 08/15/2017-08/22/2017)

Target has been very quiet lately when it comes to Apple product deals. Other than some included gift cards with the purchase of a new iPhone 8, there has not been much. That changed this week…somewhat.

Apple Deals in Target Ad (Ad Week: 09/24/2017-09/30/2017)

We have not done of these in a while since there have not been many new deals from any of the three major retailers (Best Buy, Target, and Walmart) due to the September Apple Event. 

Review: Keurig K15

During the summer, Target had a sale that allowed to purchase a Keurig K15 brewer for only $55, whereas its regular price is $99. Essentially, it was nearly 50 percent off the normal price. 

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals from Target (Ad Week: 08/20/2017-08/27/2017)

Target does have some deals on Apple products but there are really not all that many to choose from. I have no idea why this is, but it could be that since the next Apple Event is less than a… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals at Target This Week (Ad Week 08/06/2017-08/12/2017)

Target is currently having a big Back to School sale going on at their stores and online this week and probably for weeks to come since August is the time when most students are going back to school. With that… Continue Reading →

This Week’s Apple Deals From Target (Ad week: 07/23-7/29)

Target’s latest ad is all about “Back to School.” Yes, the Back to School ads have started for this upcoming school year. With that said, Target has some pretty good and interesting deals going on not only for students but… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in Target Ad This Week

Target this week only has one deal that is going on in their stores and it is one that we here at TeamApple Toys have seen in the past, or at least something very similar to it.

Apple Deals in Targets Ad This Week

Not much as changed with Target over the past couple weeks. The company has not had a big sale in weeks. The reason for this is unknown at the moment, but this week did have at least one good sale… Continue Reading →

Target Discounts 9.7-inch iPad Pro by $100 Off!

Like B&H this week, Target has decided to discount some of the now discontinued 9.7-inch iPad Pro models this week. These deals come at $100 off the regular price and if purchased through Target’s website, you will get free shipping…. Continue Reading →

Review: 38mm Navy Blue End Scene Apple Watch Band

Apple has called the Apple Watch one of the most personal devices out there. The reason behind that is that the Apple Watch allows for users to change out the watchbands, not to mention that consumers can buy the Apple… Continue Reading →

This Week’s Apple Deals from Target

Target is not known for their tech deals, not even their Apple ones. However, like this week’s Best Buy ad, Target has some deals of their own for Apple products this week. These sales and prices are good from June… Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Will Apple Pay Be Coming to Target (in-store) in 2017?

Based on a few messages I received from the @AskTarget Twitter account Saturday night, it would appear as though Target, in fact, does have plans to implement Apple Pay into their stores. Currently, paying with Apple Pay can only be… Continue Reading →

Target Cuts Price of Apple Watch Series 1 to $200

Today is the beginning of a new week, which in the retail world means that the ad changes again this week. For the last full week before Christmas, Target is knocking the price of the Apple Watch Series 1 to… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in 2016 Target Black Friday Ad

Target has officially unveiled their 2016 Black Friday ad to customers. After perusing through it, the company has some really great deals on Apple products for Black Friday this year. Note that all deals will be Apple and Beats products… Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace to the Apple TV 3rd Generation

Last week, Apple silently killed off the Apple TV 3rd Generation. This product was released in 2012 and lasted four years on store shelves and was one of the top streaming devices on the market before the Apple TV 4th… Continue Reading →

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