Opinion: Can You Manage a Blog with Only an iPad in 2018

With the way how the iPad and iPad Pro have changed the way we as consumers view the tablet market, one of the questions that have probably popped in many people’s heads is whether or not you can write for… Continue Reading →

Mac App Review: MarsEdit

MarsEdit has always been one of those apps where I have wanted to buy it but the price always deterred me away since it is a fairly expensive. Due to a recent update for the app, the developers, Red Sweater,… Continue Reading →

Opinion: Can You Blog on an iPad Pro?

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was released in 2015 and the 9.7-inch version of it being released in March 2016. But with blogging being primarily done on a laptop or desktop computer, is blogging on an iPad the right way to… Continue Reading →

The Best Macs for Blogging

Are you wanting to start a blog or continue managing your blog over the summer, but are in the market for a new MacBook? Well, here are some of the best MacBooks just for blogging purposes.

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