Today, Taco John’s updated their iOS app to support mobile ordering. The company as of right now will not support delivery of their food, similar to McDonald’s has done with UberEats, but is now showing that they are getting into the mobile ordering industry.

Currently, mobile ordering is only available in certain locations. It does not natively support the use of Apple Pay when paying for your order, but I have already figured out a way to get past that so you can pay with Apple Pay. 

The way to do this is to simply place your order in the app and the select for it to be picked up and paid for in the store. Once you have arrived and your order is ready, you will be able to verify your order and pay from there, which is how you can pay with Apple Pay. Put your iPhone or Apple Watch next to the card reader and you should be able to pay for it with Apple Pay from there. 

This is just a small workaround right now, but hopefully Taco John’s enables paying with Apple Pay in their app soon or once their mobile orders become more mainstream. 

Taco John’s is a Tex-Mex food chain in the midwestern and southern parts of the United States. We will update this article once more stores have the ability to accept mobile orders.