Deliveries is known as one of the best third-party delivery apps in the App Store, so obviously I had to look into this one. I should also not that I was persuaded to try this out thanks to TeamApple News’s founder, Michael Conte, and the founder CEO of Appleosophy, Holden Satterwhite.

Over the years, I have used other third-party delivery apps, as well as the official apps such as UPS and USPS apps. However, that annoying feeling you get when you realize that you have to have all of these other apps just to track your packages all seems like too much. Isn’t there an app that can do it all and take up less screen space and memory on my iPhone? 

Deliveries is a great option for those who are looking for just that on their iPhone and Apple Watch. 

The first thing that I do like about this app is the simple to use interface. That is key in today’s society of apps, in my opinion. Another item that is nice about this app is that it gives you this cool map so you can see exactly where your package is at. There are apps out there through the official postal carriers that do that, but they only tell you the location. I have yet to come across that shows you where your package is on a map other than Deliveries. 

Deliveries also shows in big text when you open the app how many days it will take until your package arrives either to you or its destination (if you are sending something). That right there is perfect convenience. 

With the Apple Watch app, I like being able to view my packages and such from my watch instead of having to go to my iPhone. It works for if I am at work and just have to look at it at that very moment. 

The only thing that the app does not do a good job with is notifications, in my experience with it. I ended up getting a notification about 30-45 minutes after it had been delivered, but as it was delivered or if it just was, the app would show that it had been delivered but that there would be no notification tell me that. 

I also want to point out that it does give you this notification about iCloud synching that does get irritating because it does show it no matter what, even if you have no packages on the way. It’s some that is pointless and does not need to be there. 

Overall, Deliveries for iPhone and Apple Watch gets 3/4 stars from me. It may have some minor notification problems, but other than that, it looks to be a cool and great app for both devices. I’d recommend this to anyone who is an Amazon and online shopaholic. Deliveries costs $4.99 in the App Store. It does have a Mac app too that costs $4.99 in the Mac App Store too. 

Rating: 3/4 stars