I had that one day today as I was driving to work where I noticed that I had forgotten my lunch at home. So, as a result, I had to order from a food delivery service. Due to the popular demand of these and seeing what was available in my area, UberEats was going to be the best option for me.

Luckily for me, one of the McDonald’s in my area delivers, so I ordered myself a simple 10-piece chicken McNugget mean from them, along with fries and some milk (because I do occasionally eat and drink healthy things). I placed this order at 6:26 PM CT and my meal began its delivery at around 6:45 PM with an estimated delivery time of 6:55 PM.

Now, I will say that I did order during the dinner hour in my area and that means that the wait time was a little longer than usual. However, this was not the biggest issue of the service.

What the biggest problem of the order and delivery was that the guy who was delivering my food could not find the place. This was not as if the place was hard to find or in a rural area. Apparently, the guy must not know how to use a GPS because my food arrived about five minutes late. Normally this would not be a big deal, but I was on break at work and that I was trying to catch the newest episode of Last Man Standing on FOX that began at 7 PM CT. In fact, that was one of the reasons why I placed the order earlier than what I normally would have done.

Another issue that I had was the fact that UberEats does not accept Apple Pay anymore or at least not with my order. I would normally forgo the whole thing, but I was in a rush to get dinner and that I could still pay with PayPal. I am all about making sure that my payment information is secure so that I do not get my card and bank account hacked.

As for the food itself…Well, it tasted lukewarm at best. Of course, I could easily just put it in the microwave. With that said though, not everyone has access to that, not to mention that my food should be hot when they get here with my delivery. There is no excuse for it to not be warm, especially if my delivery was only a five-minute long drive.

I will say that it is cool that you can track the driver while they are in the process of making your delivery. It is additionally nice to get those notifications that let you know when your food is on the way and when it is arriving to you. Contacting the drive can be convenient, as this is something I had to when they were making my delivery since the driver did not know where or which building I was in.

Overall, my experience with UberEats was decent. Yes, I do like the idea of being able to order food at the palm of my hand and have it delivered to my house, especially if it is McDonald’s. However, I do not like that it is lukewarm and that I had to basically instruct the driver on where to go since he clearly did not know how to use a GPS.

Due to this experience, they will be getting 2.5/4 stars from me. They lose half a point for not accepting Apple Pay and also due to the driver not understanding how to use a GPS and get my delivery to me on time. Food delivery services are great but only when they work for you. I did not experience that with UberEats.

Rating: 2.5/4 stars