During the month of December, I spend over $100 on iTunes and all versions of the App Store. The question is how was that even possible? Also note that this does not include my monthly fees for Apple Music and the ad-free version of Hulu, which are both part of my subscriptions within iTunes.

Apple recently said that this was one of the best quarters for the App Store and iTunes, which included users spending $1.22 billion dollars between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. On top of that, the company said that users spent $322 million dollars on New Year’s Day in 2019. 

But how did I get around to spending over $100 of my hard-earned money during this past December? Let me tell you about it… 

For starters, I was fortunate enough to receive a $50 iTunes and App Store gift card from an Instagram follower who would like to remain anonymous. I did spend it on a TV series on iTunes. From there, I also purchased a $50 license for the writing and blogging app MarsEdit 4. So, right there, we are already at $100. 

Lastly, I purchased three apps such as the CARROT To-Do app, Deliveries and EasySocial Pro for the Apple TV. I should also add that I donated to developers Christian Selig, the app developer for Apollo for Reddit. and Tapbots, who develop Tweetbot and Calcbot

Believe it or not, spending money in the App Store and iTunes is not hard to do at all. I usually always have an app, TV series or movie that I want to buy or rent. These numbers should not be a shock to anyone since both of these stores offer something for everyone. 

I think with the years to come, iTunes and the App Store will just be getting better and better because they offer so much. Through these stores, you can create, edit video, start a blog/website, start that business, view your Twitter feed from a third-party app, and so much more. It is a beacon of capitalism and the free market. 

Although Apple is not in the best place right now, I think Steve Jobs would be happy of the work that they have done with iTunes and the App Store, and for what they have done (for the most part) to our society today.