I have now had my AirPods for one month and with that, I have come to enjoy them even more than what I have said before.

I have had them for a month as of Christmas Eve this week and I can say without a doubt that these are the best Beats replacements out there (for those who are not looking for another pair of headphones). They are small, compact and make it so that you are mobile. There is no need to untangle that cable or look for that headphone port since AirPods are wireless. 

That part right there has made my life so much easier. I can play video games, listen to a podcast or music on Apple Music, which also allows me to charge my iPhone at the same time. Previously, I was not able to since I would have the Appel Lightning adapter plugged in and not be able to listen and charge my iPhone at the same time without another (expensive) adapter. 

Another thing that I love about these is that they connect to my Apple TV so that I can listen to what I want to watch on my Apple TV and not disturb anyone else in the room. That feature came in handy for me this past semester at college so that I would not disturb my roommate while I watched Christmas movies. 

AirPods deserve all of the praise they can possibly get, in my opinion. They are some of the best tech Apple has had in years. The device is so simplistic that I think even my not-so-technological mother could figure it out. 

I am looking forward to using these in 2019 since I think they can positively impact my life and my experiences of listening to music on Apple Music and podcasts. I’d recommend these to anyone with an iPhone and is looking for a good alternative for headphones or earphones. They’re worth the $160 price tag.