Today is WWDC 2018! What to Expect?

WWDC 2018 it is fixed at June 4th at 10:00am in San Jose, California. People will be waiting so much for WWDC 18 as I am waiting. We will see lots of things like iOS, MacOS, tvOS, watchOS etc and also some new gadgets. Apple is rumored to have a refresh look at iOS and more. we will be able to download beta version of iOS and more after WWDC and as people says Siri is stupid, Siri can’t do anything lot like Google and other voice assistant but likely to Google Siri will be a lot smarter and intuitive. If we are lucky we’ll be able to Siri do things like Google duplex but not like calling anyone but if possible it will have like a human voice like hmm.., umm.. and like that it will be able to talk like a human so far it’s not rumored but if we are lucky we’ll be able to see Siri doing this things. however lets talk about Siri…

    Siri’s getting brand new voice.

Some people quite use Siri a lot like me and by talking and talking they found this! which is quite interesting! by the way this image is from theapplepost. it will hopefully get amazing voice just like humans and will also be friendly and intuitive. It will have umm… which I had already talk about. I don’t if this is true I had asked Siri so many times but doesn’t says that she is getting new voices maybe this can be edited with Photoshop. let’s get into the next topic.

    iOS 12 The first update for iPhone X.

  • Apple has been incredibly interested in augmented reality lately – much of last year’s WWDC keynote was focused on the technology and its applications. And it looks like there might be a similar interest this time around, too.

    The company is rumoured to be working on a second version of ARKit, the base technology that Apple gives to developers so they can build augmented reality software more easily.

    The new technology is rumoured to allow each phone’s AR software to interact with each other, allowing two phones to see one virtual object in the real world, for instance.

    The possible uses for such technology are huge – developers have already harnessed AR to put fighting robots into the real world, for instance, but with more complex implementations of it those robots might be able to fight each other. Apple has also shown off AR-based shopping, such as an Ikea app that superimposes virtual furniture into your real house, and it is possible to imagine a whole family looking at that through their own individual handsets.


    Apple’s newer phones have a mostly ignored but very important chip inside of them, which enables NFC, or near-field communication. At the moment, it’s the technology powering Apple Pay, though neither the company or the phone make a big deal about how that actually works.

    Some rumours have suggested that the NFC chip could be opened up to allow it to be used by developers for a whole range of functions. The chip is incredibly secure, so could be used for things similar to payments: unlocking doors by holding the phone up to a lock, for instance.

    It is the kind of feature that is unlikely to be interesting right away to normal users of the iPhone. But as new technology like the smart home arrives, it could become very useful indeed.

    New animoji

    Animoji were the breakout hit of the iPhone X launch. And Apple has worked hard to keep that momentum, releasing ads showcasing the face-tracking technology and new animals that users can pretend to be.

    So it’s a safe bet that iOS 12 will bring a new set of animoji, too. (The iPad and more iPhones will be getting the Face ID technology that powers it, too, so releasing more faces in September will be good timing.)

    It’s not clear what those will be, or how many new faces there will be. So far, they’ve all been based on emoji.

    Performance upgrades

    Probably the most important part of iOS 12, though, isn’t going to be a new feature at all. It’s going to be improving the speed, efficiency and reliability of the features that are already there.

    This might be one of the reasons that we’ve heard so little about what’s going to be announced at WWDC. And it might lead to a muted reaction after the keynote, if Apple really does leave fans without the headline-grabbing and iPhone-altering features they expect.

    This focus is likely to help both Apple and its users in the long run, though. A number of features have been delayed in recent months – both AirPlay 2 and iMessages in the Cloud were first announced at WWDC last year, and only arrived this week – and some others have run into problems with their implementation

  WatchOS 5.

Lots of people use Apple Watch for their daily base, for business and more but the thing they realize while using that it’s so much slow specially at on Apple Watch series 0, series 1 and series 2 but series 2 is not that much slow. Due to watchOS 4, you can keep the application on the dock so when your opening a recent app it will open the app faster because of the dock in which the recent apps are stored. Apple should allow third-party watch face so we can’t stick with what we have. here are the feature which should exist:

  • Apple should allow third-party watch face so we can’t stick with what we have. Apple is rumored to have this feature and people were wishing to feature to happen from a long time.
  • They should do something to make older Apple Watches faster so you don’t have to get new one just for speed but Apple will not do this because they want their consumer to purchases new stuffs.
  • Many people don’t use the torch feature, for instance, while others can’t see the point of Cinema Mode – yet both have a place in the top six ‘above the fold’, ie they are immediately visible when you swipe up. It would be useful to have the option of swapping one of these with Do Not Disturb, which is below the fold, or removing them entirely. And wouldn’t it be nice to get a brightness control here, instead of having to control from the iPhone?
  • Bloomberg claims that Apple is working on a new app that tracks a user’s sleep. Apparently, this feature will be supported across all existing models of Apple Watch.
  • This is one of the most requested features of the Apple Watch. It seems preposterous that a watch wouldn’t be able to show the time all the time.
  • Apple’s decision not to have a watch face always on is seemingly to preserve battery life, but there are plenty of smartwatches on the market that do permanently tell the time so Apple looks remiss by not offering it.


  • Bloomberg has reported that Mac’s and iPad will not be available at WWDC 2018 it will be available at september I’d found this at 31 May.

Let’s talk about MacOS 10.14

Apple is expected to preview the next-generation version of MacOS, MacOS 10.14, at the keynote event for the Worldwide Developers Conference, set to be held on June 4. Though the keynote is one day away, we’ve heard little about what we might expect to see in the new version of MacOS aside from the possibility of cross-compatible Mac and iOS apps.

With so few rumors about MacOS 10.14 available, we turned to the MacRumorscommunity to ask our readers what they would like to see the most in the next version of MacOS.

    • Unified MacOS and iOS design – With rumors of apps compatible with both iOS devices and Macs, MacRumors reader Glmnet1 would also like to see a more unified design between Macs and iOS devices. What that might look like is unclear, and while it could happen at some point, it’s not likely for this year as we’re not expecting major design changes with iOS 12 or MacOS 10.14.
    • Apple iOS apps for Mac – In the same vein, based on cross-platform app rumors, several MacRumors readers would like to see iOS-exclusive apps like Apple News, Health, Activity, and Homemade available on the Mac. A dedicated Apple Music app that’s separate from iTunes is also on at least one reader’s wishlist, as is an improved version of iTunes.
    • HomeKit – A way to control HomeKit devices on Mac is a highly requested feature, either through the aforementioned Home app for the Mac or through Siri. At the current time, while Siri is available on MacOS, the personal assistant can’t control HomeKit devices from the Mac.
    • Complications as Menu Bar items – Complications are limited to the Apple Watch, but since the device’s debut, Apple Watch users have been hoping for their expansion to other platforms, including MacOS and iOS. MacRumors reader ButteryScrollin would like Apple Watch-style complications to be added to the Mac’s Menu Bar, introducing new quick-access shortcuts.
    • Split-Screen improvements – MacRumors reader bmac89 would like some iPad-like improvements to the Mac’s split-screen functionality, with options for dragging to resize or dismiss a split-screen view, opening apps into a split-screen view from the Dock or Spotlight, and initiating split-screen in the same way.
    • APFS improvements – With MacOS High Sierra, Apple introduced a new Apple Filesystem. The rollout of APFS was something of a nightmare for Apple customers who have Fusion drives that combine SSDs with traditional hard drives, and to this day, Apple has not implemented APFS support for Fusion drives. MacRumors reader Ncrypt would also like to see Apple use APFS to allow for MacOS updates to install in the background to cut down on installation times.
    • Group FaceTime – Group FaceTime is on both the MacOS 10.14 and iOS 12 wishlists, and while it’s something Apple is rumored to be working on, it’s not clear if this is a feature that’s ready for debut.

                     Hopefully, we will be able to see this feature in the next MacOS 10.14.

   the missing thing: Airpower.

AirPower was announced at 2017 Apple event but still there are no glance about AirPower. We are still expected to see at wwdc 2018 some rumors said that it will be available at March but still no glance. Something is going wrong with Apple why still no AirPower. People are so much waiting for AirPower but hopefully we’ll be able to see this year at WWDC 2018 or later this year.

New HomePod Mini with Beats branding.

the thing that you are looking at is a homepod with small size basically known as ‘homepod mini’. as Siri said:

“Hey Siri, tell me about WWDC.”

  • “La la la, Siri is getting a brand new voice!”
  • “I’m gonna have a shiny new home! Well, not really shiny, more meshy and matte…”
  • “I don’t want to brag, but I’m getting a lot smarter. It must be all that late night studying I’ve been doing…”

So, by seeing this you’d already got this that Siri will get a brand new voice as we mentioned. the second is “I’m gonna have a shiny new home! Well, not really shiny, more meshy and matte…” now what this means is it will be having a new shiny home not really shiny that means the top layer will have a shiny layout for touch as the HomePod has the another this is meshy  (An openwork fabric or structure; a net or network: a screen made of wire mesh) so a fabric body and the matte which is in the downside where you can get the information about the product. The last one means is Siri will be smarter but not smarter a lot smarter… So it will be able to compare it with Google, it is closed to google but they are trying to make it more accurate. the HomePod mini will come with Beats branding. As Beats is owned by Apple. It will come with the latest Siri update. Rumors say that it will cost $199!

 not much likely to see.

The iPhone SE 2.

The last years iPhone SE was Apple’s big success as steve jobs wanted an iPhone which is comfortable to use, our finger can reach from top to bottom and a baby software that a baby can understand the user-interface. The reason why SE existed that is because it is the special edition iPhone. SE stands for ‘special edition’ so this year iPhone SE 2 will be so much special because iPhone SE 2 will be followed as iPhone X design. as a company known as Olixar are already making the cover for iPhone SE 2 covers and screen guard. iPhone se 2 screen guards and cover links. As it is has a beautiful design, it can be expensive for this design.

It just has one camera which is not great normally if you want to buy iPhone for camera go with iPhone X it is not fixed that it will have just one camera, but this image shows the results. 

here’s is the design this will have a glossy back if there is a glass back then it will definitely have Qi wireless charging. some rumors say that it will not have a Face id but how can we be able to unlock the phone as it doesn’t have a home button. Apple is trying to put fingerprint sensor under the screen but it will not be as accurate as it is one the normal iPhone’s but rumors says it will not be done this year. There will be a better camera, better battery and sadly no headphone jack. it looks like there will be two colors one is space grey and the second can be a white one.

 not much likely to see.
  • Bloomberg has reported that Mac’s and iPad will not be available at WWDC 2018 it will be available at september I’d found this at 31 May. But if we will be able to see this it will be great!
So this is it about for now! Thanks for reading and please comment down below about your thoughts for WWDC 2018 what to expect. Are you an iOS developer? please let us know!

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