Where to Buy CD’s with Apple Pay

As of today, stores like Best Buy and Target are no longer going to be bringing in and selling CDs in their stores. The reason for this is that CD sales have been declining significantly over the years and that… Continue Reading →

Opinion: What Top 5 Stores Need to Add Apple Pay in 2018

It’s no secret that Apple Pay is the future of paying for items in-store and online. Although brick-and-mortar and traditional retail stores are dying off, it is still a good time to be a retailer today. The industry is just… Continue Reading →

Simply Mac Offers $300 Off Coupon on Any Mac.

Simply Mac is an authorizedĀ Apple reseller and repairer that was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2006. The company was originally called “Peach Mac,” but when 50.1 percent of the company was purchased by GameStop in 2013, the name… Continue Reading →

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