Opinion: How I Spent $100+ in the App Store and iTunes During The 2018 Holiday Season

During the month of December, I spend over $100 on iTunes and all versions of the App Store. The question is how was that even possible? Also note that this does not include my monthly fees for Apple Music and… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) “The Office” Complete Series Now $30 on iTunes

iTunes has a new set of full TV shows that are available in their complete series format. Some of these are some pretty popular shows across the board. Most of these prices are pretty affordable to the average individual too.

TeamApple News’s Apple Christmas Gift Recommendations 2018

Christmas right around the corner, there are still many of you out there who are looking to get gifts for your friends, family, loved ones and maybe even yourself if you have the right budget and are in the right… Continue Reading →

How to Stream These Popular Christmas Specials

The time of the year has come where we are streaming Christmas movies and TV specials left and right. What can we say? We are human beings and we naturally fly over to this kind of stuff during this time… Continue Reading →

Verizon Gives Away $5 iTunes and App Store Gift Cards in Verizon Up Rewards Program

Verizon Up is a rewards program for those who are on Verizon network when it comes to their cell phones and data plans. The company usually gives you other rewards too during a certain time range. 

Best Buy 2018 Black Friday Apple Deals

Best Buy has finally released their 2018 Black Friday deals. Right now, you can get these deals until Sunday next week and then the deals will then once again appear on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, along with the weekend… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in the 2018 Target Black Friday Ad

Target has unveiled their 2018 Black Friday deals. Their sales begin on November 22 and will go until November 24. Target’s stores will open at 5 PM on Thanksgiving and will close at 1 AM on Black Friday, and then… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals in Best Buy Ad Week (08/19/2018 – 08/25/2018)

Best Buy is still having some great deals on select Apple products. A lot of these deals have to do with the back to school season being underway. Classes do begin at a lot of universities starting on August 20,… Continue Reading →

Opinion: How to Have a Movie Night for Under $10 with iTunes and Apple Pay

It’s no secret that going to the movie theater has become a very overpriced experience for many consumers out there. You have to pay $10-15 at most theaters just to get your ticket and then spend around another $10 to… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Shopping Event at Best Buy

Best Buy is having another Apple Shopping Event this weekend at their stores and website. The company has done this multiple times this month and this time could be due to the fact that Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday. 

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Best Buy (Ad week 06/10/2018 – 06/16/2018)

Sorry that we are a little late on this one this week, but due to other complications with our writers and getting them on here has been a little tricky, not to mention that we do have lives outside of… Continue Reading →

WWDC 2018 Wrap-Up

Today was the start Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) that was held in San Jose, California this morning. The conference goes all week but starts out with the Monday morning keynote, which is given by CEO Tim Cook, among… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week: 05/06/2018 – 05/12/2018)

Target, like Best Buy, is having this week be dedicated to the full week before Mother’s Day, which is May 13 this year. Even though they do not have as many Apple product deals as Best Buy does this week,… Continue Reading →

Great Apple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day this year falls on May 13. This gives you a few days to get your special mother a gift for Mother’s Day. Note that this can work if you are getting a gift for your mother, your wife… Continue Reading →

iTunes Comes to the Windows 10 App Store

Today is the day where once again, iTunes has found its way back to the Windows. As of today, iTunes is now available to download for free in the Windows 10 app store.

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Target (Ad week: 03/31/2018 – 04/01/2018)

Like with Best Buy’s deals this week, I feel as though Target is having these deals this week because it is the week before Easter Weekend. With that said, although there are some that do not compete with Best Buy’s… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Apple Deals at Best Buy (Ad week: 03/31/2018 – 04/01/2018)

This week, Best Buy has some pretty good deals on Apple products. I believe that reason for these deals is that this upcoming week is the week before Easter Weekend, so that is probably one of the biggest reasons why… Continue Reading →

Great Last-Minute Apple Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there are many of you that are probably still looking around trying to get that great gift for your significant other. Here are my recommendations on what to get that special someone in… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals at Best Buy This Week (Ad week: 12/10/2017 – 12/17/2017)

The holiday season is a big time for retail stores and is a time where they get a majority of their yearly revenue. With that said, Best Buy is having some big sales when it comes to Apple products. If… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in This Week’s Target Ad (Ad week: 12/10/2017 – 12/17/2017)

We decided to get back into posting weekly ads during the holidays because it could help our readers out when purchasing gifts for the holidays. Target does still have some deals out there on Apple products this time of the… Continue Reading →

Best Buy’s Apple Cyber Week Deals

Best Buy’s Cyber Week has come and with that comes many deals for Apple products. These come on a variety of products.

Apple Deals in Best Buy’s 2017 Black Friday Ad

Best Buy’s 2017 Black Friday ad was released this morning to the public and has many new and great tech deals, even more than just big savings on Apple products. For the sake of this article, we will be covering… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in the 2017 Target Black Friday Ad

Target’s 2017 Black Friday ad is officially out the public and with that come some of the best deals of the year and the holiday season. 

Kohl’s 2017 Black Friday Ad: Apple Deals

The 2017 Kohl’s Black Friday ad has leaked to the public a few weeks early and there are some Apple deals in this. However, they are not discount deals, but more so if you are a regular Kohl’s consumer and… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in Sam’s Club’s One-Day Sale

On November 11th, Sam’s Club will be having a one-day sale on select electronics, including some Apple products and services. 

Apple Deals from Target This Week (Ad Week: 08/15/2017-08/22/2017)

Target has been very quiet lately when it comes to Apple product deals. Other than some included gift cards with the purchase of a new iPhone 8, there has not been much. That changed this week…somewhat.

Opinion: What I Would Do With a $100 iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift cards are always a great present in my book. It allows the person receiving the gift to have the money to buy themselves something that they actually want, whereas the alternative is to get the person a gift… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals at Best Buy This Week (Ad week: 09/03/2017 – 09/10/2017)

Not many deals from Best Buy this week for Apple products, but like every week, it must be reported on by me. Here are the following Apple deals for this week at Best Buy. These deals can be found and… Continue Reading →

App Review: NoiseHub

NoiseHub is one of the newer social networks and apps in the App Store this summer. It was founded and created by 2016 WWDC Scholars Alex Santarelli and Alyssa McDevitt.

This Week’s Apple Deals from Target

Target is not known for their tech deals, not even their Apple ones. However, like this week’s Best Buy ad, Target has some deals of their own for Apple products this week. These sales and prices are good from June… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals from Best Buy This Week

Since this is the last full week before Father’s Day, Best Buy has some great deals for consumers to purchase before the holiday comes. Note that Father’s Day is next Sunday. Here are some of the deals from Best Buy… Continue Reading →

My Gift Recommendations for Father’s Day 2017

Father’s Day is coming up on June 18th, so you now have less than 10 days to get your father’s gift for the holiday. I am here to hopefully make that job a little easier. 

Want to Watch The First Episode of ‘Planet of the Apps?’ Check This Out

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you probably already have either heard of or have watched Apple Music’s new original series Planet of the Apps. 

Want to Watch The First Episode of 'Planet of the Apps?' Check This Out

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you probably already have either heard of or have watched Apple Music’s new original series Planet of the Apps. 

Opinion: The Best Apps for Students

Whether you’re in high school or college, your devices and apps take up a big part of your time. This could consist of social networking or productivity apps that help you get your homework done. With that said, here are… Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas for Grads

High school and college graduates will soon be their tassels to the left and graduate from their respected schools. But what is the perfect gift at an affordable price? Here are five ideas to get the gift that scholar deserves? 

How to Stream Stars Wars Movies on Star Wars Day

Today is Star Wars Day, which is the day where people across the world can celebrate the Star Wars movies and fandom by sitting down and watching the trilogy and other Stars Wars-related TV shows and movies. 

Opinion: What I Would Do with $100 of iTunes Credit

iTunes has been out since 2001, and with that it has been the center of a digital music revolution, along with users being able to buy/rent movies, buy TV episodes, and purchase/download apps from the App Store. One of the most… Continue Reading →

Opinion: Should Apple Continue to Sell the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle?

Both the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were released in 2005 and although they had successes during their time, perhaps the time has come to kill them once and for all?

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