Mac App Review: MarsEdit

MarsEdit has always been one of those apps where I have wanted to buy it but the price always deterred me away since it is a fairly expensive. Due to a recent update for the app, the developers, Red Sweater,… Continue Reading →

Opinion: Can You Blog on an iPad Pro?

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was released in 2015 and the 9.7-inch version of it being released in March 2016. But with blogging being primarily done on a laptop or desktop computer, is blogging on an iPad the right way to… Continue Reading →

The Best Macs for Blogging

Are you wanting to start a blog or continue managing your blog over the summer, but are in the market for a new MacBook? Well, here are some of the best MacBooks just for blogging purposes.

Opinion: Why I would rather have the new MacBook Pro WITHOUT the Touch Bar

Last week, Apple unveiled a new version of the MacBook Pro. This was the first MacBook Pro redesign since 2012. The new MacBook Pro features a new part called the Touch Bar, which allows for users to use specific sections… Continue Reading →

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