The Super Bowl will have to wait for another weekend, but there is still some NFL football on TV. This is the Pro Bowl, which has players who are the best in the league and playing in one spot on one field.

This year, the NFL is getting back to its tradition of having the game being played in Hawaii and also having it be the AFC against the NFC, whereas in previous years, the NFL has had former players pick-and-choose their teams, regardless of whether or not the player was in the AFC or NFC. Being back in Hawaii is also getting back to tradition. In recent years, the NFL has played in the game in Miami, Florida. 

As for the game this year, it is being broadcasted on ABC and ESPN, with a simulcast on Disney XD. This makes it so that for people who do not have cable and satellite anymore, they can still watch it on ABC, which is a free over-the-air channel. Also, this is the first time that Disney XD will be broadcasting the Pro Bowl. The game will be played on January 27 at 3 PM EST. 

The best way to stream this will be through live TV streaming services. We mention this same solution a lot, but it is the best and cheapest way to watch it. Sling TV will be best for those who are determined to watch it since it is the cheapest of all the streaming services with ESPN. When using Sling TV or deciding which plan to get, choose Sling Orange since that is the only plan with the ESPN networks on them. 

Some Sling TV and live TV streaming services may have ABC, but you should check to see if your local ABC station has been added to a live TV streaming service. 

Disney XD is available on Sling TV too, but only with the Sling Orange plan. It is also available on PlayStation Vue, DirecTV NOW, Hulu wit Live TV and YouTube TV. 

Another option outside of live TV streaming services will be the ESPN app. You will have to sign in with a TV provider in order to watch the game, though. The same can be said for the DisneyNOW app, which will allow you to stream Disney XD live. 

All of the streaming services mentioned here are available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and the Apple TV. 

We hope each team and player does well in the game, and we hope you the enjoy the game as well. We do plan to have an article that will explain in detail how to stream Super Bowl 53 next week so that you can plan for it.