One feature that has always made Spotify so dominant is the fact that they have a web player. This means that their users do not have to download and install the Spotify app to their Mac and can just use the web browser version.

Apple Music, on the other hand, has never had this feature, and although they still do not have it, there are a couple of third-party web players out there that now allow Apple Music users to listen to their music and playlists directly from the web. 

The first service is called PlayAppleMusic. The service does look a lot like the Spotify Mac app, in my opinion, but it does do its job when it comes to letting you listen to your favorite music, songs and playlists all from Apple Music. The service is free to use and does not require any sort of extra software to play music. 

Screen Shot 2019 01 18 at 2 59 40 PM

The second service is called “Musish.” This one looks like something that Apple themselves would create because of the types of colors and design that the web player has. However, right now, the service is available in beta form. I did try to play a couple songs before writing this article and it would not play them, whereas PlayAppleMusic would. It could have been because I was on company WiFi instead of my own personal WiFi, though. If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, click here to do so. 

Screen Shot 2019 01 18 at 2 54 36 PM

These are not made by Apple or Apple Music and are just players that are there to help users listen to their music on the web so that they don’t have to go into iTunes each time to play their music. Apple does not have their own web player yet, so these are the best alternatives out there at the moment for the Mac. 

Please note that when signing into either of these Apple Music web players, that you must sign in with your Apple ID, where it will likely give you the two-factor authentication if you have that set up with your account. 

All popular and modern web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox should allow for you to listen within that browser. There should be no browser limitations whatsoever. Please do not (again) that Musish is currently only in beta form, so there might be some bugs and issues with that one. However, PlayAppleMusic should be able to play your music just fine.