According to 9to5Mac, NBC is currently working on a streaming service that will be both live and have on-demand content on it as well.

Since streaming plays such an important role in our everyday society, it would make sense for NBC to do this and the fact that Disney could have a 100 percent ownership of Hulu soon too. NBC currently has a lot of their new and old programming on Hulu, so if that is the case, NBC could use their own streaming service as a way to put their own shows on there instead of streaming services like Hulu or Netflix. 

For those who have a cable or satellite package, they would be able to log in with their TV provider credentials and have access to the service. As expected, for the TV providers that sign-on to do this, there would be no additional cost to the customer and it would be a free service to them. 

The service will have ads to it, which NBC has said that it will have 3-5 minute commercial breaks embedded in the service when users are watching content. It has not been said whether or not users will be able to stream their local stations on the service yet. 

One thing for sure is that even thought there has been no official word from NBC or any other company about whether or not they will put original content on the service, it does look as though it will be a service just like CBS All Access.

Not much has been said about the price per-month of the service, but one thing that has been said is that the network is looking to make the service $12 a month for people who do not have cable and would have to buy it as a subscription. 

The good news right now is that NBC does not have any plans on pulling any of their current TV shows from streaming services like Superstore on Hulu or Parks and Recreation on Prime Video.