With the new semester beginning either now or soon for high school and college students, you may be wondering what would be some good apps to help you succeed this semester in school.

These are all apps that I have used over the years to make my experience in school and with the Mac a lot more fun. I also want to point out that some of these apps will cost money in the Mac App Store and they will not all be free apps.

Sometimes, along with paying money for tuition and textbooks, you also have to pay for apps. The good news is that these apps you only have to purchase once and then you should be good to go from there, unlike tuition, textbooks and student fees since those are fees you pay every school year. 

  • Pastebot: This is an app that tracks and saves every thing you copy. What that means is that every time you hit Command + C on your keyboard, it saves whatever it is that you copied. This makes it so that if you need to go back and see what it is that you saved, whether that be for a paper, assignment or project, with Pastebot, you will be able to do so. Pastebot is available in the Mac App Store for $9.99.
  • Microsoft Outlook: If your college has its email run through Outlook, then it might be a good idea to have it on your Mac too. Microsoft Office as a whole costs $149.99 for the Home & Student version though Apple. There is Microsoft Office 365 that is available for $100-150, but that is based off a yearly subscription fee. Most colleges doffer Microsoft Office for free. Be sure to contact your college to see if they do. Outlook is also available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the Apple Watch. 
  • Evernote: One of the good things about this app is that it is a free one in the Mac App Store. With Evernote, you can write down all of the notes you could possibly need for your classes. You can even organize them into folders so that you know what subject and class you are writing for. Evernote is additionally available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even the Apple Watch. 
  • Fantastical 2: If you are looking to try and keep your class and social life organized, it would be best to look into Fantastical 2. In it, you can list your calendar dates and reminders all within the same app. The look and interface of the app looks a lot more modern, compared to the default Apple Calendar app on both macOS and iOS. Students can get a discount on the app with 20 percent off the app. The regular price in the Mac App Store itself is $49.99. With the student discount, this will knock the price down to $39.99, which is $10 off the regular price. Fantastical 2 is also available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Apple Watch. The apps for the iPhone and iPad do have their own premium price tag to them. The iPhone (and iPod Touch) version costs $1.99 and the iPad versions costs $2.99. Luckily, the Apple Watch is a free app once you have purchased the iPhone version. 
  • Grammarly: This one is both a browser extension and an app. You can get the app for free through the Grammarly website that will provide you with a number of free services. To get the browser extension, just go to the official Apple Safari browser extensions site, where that will enable you to download the add-on browser extension. Also remember that the company does have a Grammarly Premium that has various tiers to choose from in terms of their plans. Click here to view their plans and click here to download the Grammarly app to your Mac. 

We hope that you will take advantage of this article and get to at least trying out these apps at some point. Feel free to comment below if you have these apps and use them as a student or if you have purchased them because of this article.