Last year was a big year for me when it comes to tech products and services that I bought or signed up for. Heck, I think this was the most expensive year I have ever had with the App Store too.

The good thing about getting all of these products and services was that they make my life better in so many ways. I can do so much more now that I have all of them. They all make sense to me and my lifestyle. From the words of Woody from the Toy Story movie series, “If the boot fits.” And yes, the boots I received in 2018 fit me nicely. 

  • iPhone 8 Plus: With my now-old iPhone 6 having battery problems, I was finally able to upgrade over this past summer to the iPhone 8 Plus in the Product RED color. It runs my life and I am able to do everything I need on it. I should also point out that the camera quality is a lot better too, which helps when I take pictures for social media. 
  • AirPods: This is probably one of the best Apple products on the market right now. It has allowed me the mobility I need in order to do stuff and not be reliant on the size of a headphone cable. Along with the cordless feature, I do like the fact that it can pair to my Apple TV so that I can watch my entertainment on the big screen without disturbing my family. 
  • iPad 5th Generation: I loved the small and portable iPad Mini 2, but at some point, I’m going to need a bigger screen, which is exactly what the 9.7-inch iPad 5th Generation does for me. I have been able to be more productive on it, watch TV in bed, and even read books from it too in a clearer way. The iPad Mini is great for some, but for people like me who are turning into people who want the biggest screen out there, the 9.7-inch iPads are the ones that have my attention now. 
  • Ad-Free Hulu: Hulu is my favorite streaming service on the market right now. It has all of my favorite TV shows and that I can watch them whenever I want to. Netflix used to have all of them until they lost them all in 2017. From there, they all moved to Hulu since those shows are all owned by FOX (even though 1/2 was actually a CBS series, but the other one was formerly an ABC show that FOX brought back in 2018). Having no ads makes Hulu right for me and makes it the best possible experience out there. 
  • Apple Music: I use it almost everyday, whether it is on my way to work or just doing stuff around the house. It’s a great way to have all of my favorite songs at my fingertips and then also have the ability to add more without any extra cost to me. Best of all, I actually get it for only $4.99 a month thanks to my college student discount! 

I do hope that I get more Apple products in 2019. However, with it being 2019 and also the year that I graduate from college, it could be an expensive year for me and that I have other priorities at the moment. I am still wanting to get a new MacBook Pro, but due to the fact that they are so expensive, that plan may have to be put on hold for a while. Still, I’m always hopeful!