Last night, I was trying to buy a pair of pants for work (because I do have a job other than writing on here) and I went through a company that has stores that accept Apple Pay, but not their website or app. That company in particular was American Eagles, a company that has stores all across the country and could easily profit from the benefits of having it in their app and website.

So, what are the other apps that should have Apple Pay in their app and website that accept Apple Pay in their stores? 

  • American Eagle 
  • JCPenney 
  • Old Navy 
  • Barnes and Noble 
  • HyVee (can only be done through Instacart)
  • Designer Shoe Warehouse 
  • Party City 
  • CVS
  • Eddie Bauer 
  • Shopko 
  • Petco

These are only just a few stores and businesses that have this issue and it is something that needs to be fixed in 2019. There is no reason to not accept Apple Pay and any other form of NFC payment service in today’s society with card skimmers and online shopping scams occurring left-and-right. If anyone from any of these companies happens to find this article, make it sure that you are putting Apple Pay in your apps and websites. 

As for the pair of pants I was trying to order? Well, I guess I will have to go to a physical store and order it with Apple Pay over there. It may be a little out of the way, but it is better than worrying about whether or not by card information got scammed from someone. 

Feature image via 9to5Mac