CARROT, which is best known for their weather app over the years, has a to-do list app that might allow you to get the kick in the pants you need in order to get tasks and projects finished.

This app is all about getting stuff done and making sure that you meet your goals. In the app, you go through levels based on how many tasks you complete in it. 

The way I used this app was putting down all of the Christmas movies and specials that I wanted to watch before Christmas Day this year. This app allowed me to do so and gave me a negative reaction when I had done anything or knocked anything off over the course of a day or two. 

Now, the design of the app is honestly pretty good and simple. It does have a slide gesture-based system when you slide up in order to add new tasks to your list. On top of that, if you slide to the side, it will show you things like other CARROT apps, Shop N Slack, Unlockables, Challenges and much more. 

I will say that I did see a few negatives in this app, such as the fact that the app does not have any sort of notifications. A way how this could be done is that it gives you a notification like, “Hey meatball, you haven’t done anything in a while. If you’re not going to use me soon, you phone will self-destruct.” Although a little harsh, this could be great for people to get off their butt and get to work. 

Another items that I found a problem with within this app is that there is not Apple Watch app. An Apple Watch app would work great with this because it could give you those great notifications I just talked about and you could add tasks to your list, instead of having to go directly to your iPhone to add and check-off tasks and items. 

Overall, I’m giving the CARROT To-Do app 3/4 stars. Yes, it does have some good features in it, but still has plenty of work to be done. It is available on the App Store for $2.99. It is only available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. To view a trailer of the app, click to the video down below!

Rating: 3/4 stars 

UPDATE (01/07/2019): I did change this to 3/4 stars for the rating because after level four of the app, you do get notifications in the app where the items that you have on your list shop up on the notification icon on the app.