Spotify has a feature within their service called “Year in Review,” which allows users to see their music listening stats from the current year. Apple Music does not have the feature built-in, but there are a couple apps that now allow for Apple Music users to see their stats from this year.

The first app that is allowing users to do this is called “snd.wave.” A weird name, yes. However, the app allows you to view your stats from the current year. This will include how many hours you listened to the service, your top artists, songs, and even what your favorite genre of music was. 

From there, users can share their stats to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as save your stats as a PDF in the app.

The next app is simply called “Music Year in Review,” and was made by the developers of NoiseHub. This app does show basically all of the same stats as the snd.wave app, but has a different visual appearance and UI. Music Year in Review also allows for users to share their stats to their Instagram Story, Twitter and save the image of your stats to your iPhone via a PDF. 

Both of the apps listed here are available for free in the App Store and both apps are only made for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but can be downloaded to the iPad by just downloading the iPhone version of the app from the App Store.