Today is the final day and your last chance to get your Christmas gifts through Target from their website and app. Target has said that if you order today by 12:55 PM EST, your items should be at your door by Christmas Eve, which is Monday next week. 

With that said, if you are looking to get you or someone else a new Apple Watch or a new iPhone for Christmas, today is the best to do so online. Target’s retail stores will be open from 7 PM to midnight on Christmas Eve, so this will make it so that you, the customer, have every opportunity possible to get their gifts in time for Christmas. Of course, you will also be getting free shipping on all orders too.

Target’s stores will be closed on Christmas Day. 

Target does accept Apple Pay on their iOS app, which does work for both the iPhone and iPad, despite the fact that for the iPad, you do have to download the iPhone version. 

Make sure to get your purchases and orders in (preferably with Apple Pay) by tonight so that they will arrive on Christmas Eve and be under your tree before Christmas Day!