It’s no secret that going to the movie theater has become a very overpriced experience for many consumers out there. You have to pay $10-15 at most theaters just to get your ticket and then spend around another $10 to get your food and drink. The whole thing seems so overpriced, especially since you’re only going to be there for two hours tops. 

For those like me who are always looking for new ways to save money and cut corners, I think that I have come up with a way to watch some of the best movies on the internet. All of this, by the way, can be done with iTunes and Apple Pay.

For starters, you’re going to want to start by doing this by finding a good movie on iTunes. One of my favorite new movies to come out in 2018 is The Vanishing of Sidney Hall. It just came out this past spring and can be found on iTunes to rent for only $4.99.


Next up, you obviously need some snacks to go with your movie purchase or else what are you going to eat and drink during the film?

This is where you go to a place like Walgreens or a local grocery store that does accept Apple Pay where you can get boxes of candy for only $1-2. Also, let’s add in a drink, which is going to cost you around $1.50-3.00.

If you wanted or needed to go to Walmart, you could always use Walmart Pay too as a secure method to pay for your items.


So, now that I have my $1 box of Twizzlers and my $2.50 Starbucks drink, if we add those up (before tax), I have only spent $3.50. With all of those purchases made, I have only spent a total of $8.49, meaning that I have spent less than $10 on a movie night.

And that right there is how you do it. It’s not too hard to figure out this since we live in a world that in a lot of cases is always trying to not only get us in their retail stores, but also making sure that we get the best deal possible that will leave us coming back for more.