After months of discussions with the higher-ups of EmTehk (our parent company), we have decided that the official TeamApple Toys website, this website, will be shut down on August 10th. 

The reason for this is that we are going to start putting everything on one website, which will be TeamApple News. So, from here on out, the content that you normally see here on TeamApple Toys will soon go to TeamApple News.

Our social media accounts, such as the ones that we have on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be shutting down as well so that we can just have one social media account for everything that we do.

Until the merger, we will not be posting the newest Apple deal ads every week from Best Buy, Target or other sources. For now, we will stick with the Best Buy College Student Deals and the Apple Pay Deal of the Week. This will make it much easier for our web developer to merge articles from this site to TeamApple News.

Thank you for all of those over the past year or so that we have been around. You all have clearly shown that there is still an interest in the latest Apple product and tech deals on the web and in retail stores.

Be sure to stick with us on our new journey over to TeamApple News. You will be able to find the same type of articles from here on there. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment down below and I will personally get back to you to clear any of the questions or concerns you may have.