As Apple reportedly prepare for the 2018 iPhone Lineup, recent rumours have been saying that Intel will be providing at least 70% of the LTE Chipsets for the new iPhones.

It was previously suggested by KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Intel could be Apple’s only supplier for 2018 iPhone Chipsets due to the ongoing legal battle including Apple and Qualcomm. Other sources such as The Wall Street Journal Stated then that Apple were likely to use Intel and Mediatek chips to completely avoid working with Qualcomm.

Intel will reportedly supply the majority of chipsets used in 2018 iPhones, but due to the fact that this year is Intel’s first year manufacturing its own Chipsets using its 14-nanometer process, sources state that Apple is expected and plans to continue the use of Qualcomm’s Chipsets in the future.

However, if Intel can boost the amount of good-quality processed chipsets created this year and deliver to the uppermost standard then Apple may well switch completely to Intel as its sole supplier for 2019 and many years after.

The apparent reasoning behind Apple attempting to make the switch to Intel seems to be that since the start of 2017, Apple and Qualcomm have been tied up in a tense legal battle, causing Apple to sway away from choosing Qualcomm as a sole supplier.