Today’s Best Buy Deal of the Day comes with not one, but two different Apple product deals. This is something that rarely ever happens.The deals are $250-265 off the 13-inch MacBook Pro and $80-100 off the iPad 5th Generation.

If you are interested in the iPad 5th Generation, be sure to check out our full review of it on TeamApple News. It’ll provide a full in-depth way of what the iPad is and what it does, not to mention the kind of work you can get done on it.

The reason why the iPad 5th Generation is getting such a huge discount is due to the release of the new iPad 6th Generation last month at the March 2018 Apple Education Event.

Both of these deals are available both in the Best Buy retail stores and on their website. Note that Best Buy does accept Apple Pay in their stores and iOS app, so if you are looking to buy either of these with Apple Pay, you will be able to do so. For both of these product deals, they will end at midnight tonight.