This week, Apple is having its first event of 2018 with an education event. The event is set to take place at Lane Tech College Prep in High School in Chicago. As of right now, there is no livestream of the event. 

So, what do we expect from Apple and are there any new predictions product wise that we see them releasing/unveiling next week?

Here are the following products we predict to get unveiled next week:

  • A new iPad: This has been rumored for a while now but this could be the event where it takes the stage. Apple Pencil support could be also included in this new model.
  • A low-priced MacBook: I would say that it would look a lot like the 12-inch MacBook and cost between $400-600. They could also price it at the price of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro which would make it more affordable than the MacBook Air. It would truly make it a laptop for students.
  • Apple Pencil 2: As big as this would be to show it off at WWDC 2018, I could easily see Apple unveil it at this education event. After all, the device is a tool that could be used for students looking for a career in design and such. I’ll say that the price will be between $80-100.

It is said to be a small event for the company and that it will focus on school and education, and how Apple is changing and hoping to go forward with more positive changes to education in America.

Like I said earlier, the event will not be streamed live, but that the event will be able to be streamed later. Apple has updated the Apple Events app on the Apple TV so users can stream the event from there once it is available in the (Apple Events) app and on Apple’s website.

Apple’s Education Event will take place at 11 AM ET tomorrow at Lane Tech College Prep in High School in Chicago.