This afternoon, the Off The Tracks documentary about Final Cut Pro and the uses of it was released to the customers who pre-ordered it beforehand. 

The documentary is all about the history and uses of the Final Cut Pro, which is Apple’s professional video editing software specifically designed for the Mac. Final Cut Pro is available through the Mac App Store for $300. Yes, it is expensive but well worth the money!

Off The Tracks features Steve Martin, Randy Ubillos, Michael Cioni, Chuck Braverman, Jeff Greenberg, Peter Wiggins, Chris Fenwick, Glenn Ficarra, Wes Plate and Alex Gollner as they give their thoughts on the change from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro 10, along with their thoughts on what it’s like to use Final Cut Pro today and where the software could be heading both feature wise and how people will use it.

The official Off The Tracks website describes the movie like this:

In 2011 Apple ended Final Cut Pro as we knew it and started over with a brand new video editing application: Final Cut Pro X. The disruption this change caused is still being felt by the film, television, and video industries to this day.

With misinformation run amok, Off the Tracks is a documentary that aims to clear the air once and for all.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the creative professionals who use the software and the developers who created it. Why did Apple make Final Cut Pro X?

Off The Tracks is available on the official website for $9.99. There is a special edition of the film that is available for $24.99 that includes more interviews, behind the scenes video and digital download the Off The Tracks movie poster. The digital movie poster can be purchased separately on the website for only $4.99.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.50.31 PM

We do plan to have a review of it here on TeamApple News once I have watched the film. Watch the trailer down below if you are interested in watching this documentary!