Best Buy has begun their Black Friday in July deals. Whether this was inspired by Hallmark Channel's "Christmas in July" movies, we'll never truly know. With that said, the company is having some great deals on Apple products. Here is what the company is offering in terms of Apple product deals.

  • Save up to $350 on select versions of the MacBook, MacBook Air, and 2016 MacBook Pro.
  • Save $125 on select models of the iPad Mini 4.
  • Save up to $200 on select models of the iPad Pro.
  • Get the iPhone 6S 32GB model for $12.99 per month.
    • Includes all colors.
    • Works through Best Buy Mobile.
    • Only applies to Verizon and Sprint customers.
  • BeatsX Wireless Earbuds now priced at $99.99.
    • Regularly priced at $150.

These deals are only going until Saturday, so be sure that if you're in the market for these deals, that you take advantage of them today! Best Buy's Black Friday in July deals are online-only. Also, remember that consumers can use Apple Pay at checkout when purchasing from Best Buy's website.