July 2017

New Best Buy College Student Deals (July and August 2017)

Yesterday, Best Buy released their newest deals specifically for college students. These deals can be acquired by signing up for Best Buy student deals on their website. You must have a college email to be able to get these deals.

Apple Deals in Best Buy’s Ad (Ad Week: 7/30/2017-08/05/2017)

It is the last week of July and on Tuesday, we will be moving into the month of August, which is typically the time where consumers are getting their last-second Back to School items. 

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Deal of the Day: 13-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar Discounted at $350 Off

One of the biggest Best Buy Deal of the Days has just happened. The company is discounting the 13-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar, specifically the version with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

Best Buy Deal of the Day: Apple TV 4th Generation (64GB) + SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller (Bundle)

This is a deal that Best Buy did a few weeks ago, but once again, the deal has returned to their Deal of the Day series. Today’s deal is similar to the one from a couple days ago, but that… Continue Reading →

Apple Discontinues the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

This morning, Apple has finally discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. The two MP3 players have been outdated for years and have not been updated since 2015.

App Review: NoiseHub

NoiseHub is one of the newer social networks and apps in the App Store this summer. It was founded and created by 2016 WWDC Scholars Alex Santarelli and Alyssa McDevitt.

Sam’s Club to Discount 10.5-inch iPad Pro on August 5th.

As part of a one-day shopping event, Sam’s Club is going to be discounting the 10.5-inch iPad Pro on August 5th. The model that will be on sale will be the 256GB version.

Best Buy Deal of the Day: Apple TV + SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller (Bundle)

Once again, Best Buy has decided to discount the Apple TV (4th Generation) + SteelSeries Nimbus Controller as part of its daily Deal of the Day promotion. The Apple TV being discounted is the 32GB version, which also includes the… Continue Reading →

Apple Pay Now Accepted at JCPenney Retail Stores

JCPenney is now beginning full support for Apple Pay. The Apple NFC payment service will now be accepted at all JCPenney stores in the United States. JCPenney currently has over 1,000 retail locations.

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Launches Cyber Monday in July Promotion

Today, Best Buy began their Cyber Monday in July promotion. This is similar to what the company does the weekend after Thanksgiving and Black Friday in November, but Best Buy has decided to do a Cyber Monday in July. It… Continue Reading →

This Week’s Apple Deals From Target (Ad week: 07/23-7/29)

Target’s latest ad is all about “Back to School.” Yes, the Back to School ads have started for this upcoming school year. With that said, Target has some pretty good and interesting deals going on not only for students but… Continue Reading →

This Week’s Apple Deals From Best Buy (Ad week: 07/23-7/29)

With the end of Best Buy’s Black Friday in July sale, the company is having more Apple deals this week. Obviously, these deals will not be as big as the Christmas in July sale, but they are still pretty good. 

Sling TV Having Free Weekend of HBO and Cinemax

Live TV streaming service Sling TV is having a free weekend of HBO and Cinemax this weekend. What this allows is for users on either the Sling Orange, Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue plans to be able to… Continue Reading →

T-Mobile Discounts iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

T-Mobile is currently discounting the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for up to $300 when trading-in a qualified iPhone. The qualified iPhone that the company is talking about is the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, and the iPhone… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Deal of the Day Discounts 15.4-inch MacBook Pro

As part of the company's Deal of the Day promotion, for one-day only, you can get a new 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. Note that this is NOT the 2016 MacBook Pro, but the previous version of Apple's pro laptop. 

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Black Friday in July Deals Have Begun!

Best Buy has begun their Black Friday in July deals. Whether this was inspired by Hallmark Channel's "Christmas in July" movies, we'll never truly know. With that said, the company is having some great deals on Apple products. Here is… Continue Reading →

B&H Discounts iPhone Lightning Dock (Space Gray and Rose Gold Versions)

B&H has discounted the Apple iPhone Lightning Dock on their website this week. It goes from $49 to $24.99, which according to their website is a saving of $24.01. As of right now, this only applies to the Space Gray… Continue Reading →

App Review: Dote Shopping

Dote was shown to me by Apple Music’s newest and first released TV series Planet of the Apps. Essentially what this app does is allow you as the customer to shop mall brands, but do it all from your smartphone. 

Apple Deals in Target Ad This Week

Target this week only has one deal that is going on in their stores and it is one that we here at TeamApple Toys have seen in the past, or at least something very similar to it.

Apple Deals in Best Buy’s Ad This Week

Surprisingly, Best Buy has some more Apple product related sales this week. The past couple weeks have been kind of bleak, but it seems as though with the school year quickly approaching, the company has started to reel out the… Continue Reading →

Opinion: 12-inch MacBook or 13-inch MacBook Pro?

With the cost of the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Pro being the same price, what is the better buy for your money? Obviously, they both have their good and bad features, but what is the one that you… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Deal of the Day: $100 Off on Select 13-inch MacBook Pro Models

Today’s Best Buy Deal of the Day takes $100 off select models of the MacBook Pro. This deal is for today and today only. The offer is available for in-store and online purchases, but only while supplies last. 

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Deal of the Day: Apple TV (64GB) and SteelSeries Wireless Controller Discounted to $199.99 (Bundle)

Today’s Best Buy Deal of the Day included the Apple TV (64GB model) and SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller discounted to $199.99. This right here is a saving of $49.99 (20 percent off).

Apple Starts Back to School 2017 Deals

Apple has started its Back to School 2017 deals on their website and at Apple Stores across the United States. When students purchase a new iPad Pro or Mac, the student will also receive a free pair of Powerbeats3, Beats… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Throwboy Discounts Mac Finder Icon Pillow

Throwboy is a company that is known for its very cool and somewhat geeky pillows, such as the YouTube Subscribe button and Tumblr Reblog button, as well as posting videos about Apple and Apple products. The company is having a… Continue Reading →

Best Buy Apple Deals on Prime Day and Post-Prime Day (Two-Day Sale)

Best Buy is having a big sale on products the day of and after Amazon’s Prime Day sales. Prime Day sales typically last around 30 hours or so. However, Best Buy is also playing a hand in this as well.

Staples Discounts iPad 5th Generation

Staples is having a big sale on the iPad 5th Generation this week by knocking the price down to $289 for the 32GB model, along with the 128GB model costing $389.99. When ordering online, consumers will get free shipping with… Continue Reading →

Apple Deals in Targets Ad This Week

Not much as changed with Target over the past couple weeks. The company has not had a big sale in weeks. The reason for this is unknown at the moment, but this week did have at least one good sale… Continue Reading →

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Deal of the Day Discounts Apple TV (32GB) + SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller (Bundle)

Sunday’s Best Buy Deal of the Day saw a unique product sale; the Apple TV (4th Generation) (32GB) plus the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller for $149.99 for both of those products. This is a bundle as you can probably tell. 

(EXPIRED) Best Buy Discounts Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

As part of the company’s Deal of the Day promotions, Best Buy has discounted the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones to $199.99 in price. This right here is a saving of $100. 

(EXCLUSIVE) Rumor: Is Apple Creating a Redesigned Apple Store in Omaha, Nebraska?

Apple has been opening and updating their retail stores over the past couple of years. Their Omaha Apple Store has been there since 2006 and may be getting some new digs sometime this year.

Apple Deals in New Best Buy College Student Deals

Once again, Best Buy has released its new deals on products for college students. The company typically does this at least once a month and these coupons can be used and verified in their retail stores and online. 

Tribute: Happy 2nd Birthday to Apple Music

Apple has had two birthdays in a row that past couple days, which were the iPhone and today being Apple Music. On this day two years ago, Apple launched Apple Music. It is a music streaming service that is very… Continue Reading →

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