Father’s Day is coming up on June 18th, so you now have less than 10 days to get your father’s gift for the holiday. I am here to hopefully make that job a little easier. 

As we all know, boys like their toys and Father’s Day is no exception to that fact. Here are some good tech gift ideas for your dad.

  • AirPods: Even though they are still somewhat hard to find through Apple, AT&T can still get a pair shipped within 3-5 business days. However, the best option right now is to get them through Amazon. The reason behind this is that you can get them with Amazon Prime two-day free shipping, which is better than what both Apple and AT&T can provide at the moment.
  • Apple Pencil: For the father who is an artist or likes to draw on his iPad, the Apple Pencil does a great job with this. The Apple Pencil can be purchased through Apple for $99.
  • Apple TV: With the way how everyone and their dog is streaming their TV instead of paying a ridiculous price for cable and satellite television, the Apple TV is a great way to consume videos and content on the big screen. The device has apps for your usual services like Netflix and Hulu, but also has apps for live streaming TV such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, along with FOX Sports GO. Later this year, Amazon Video will be available on it. There are two versions of the current Apple TV, which are the 32GB and 64GB versions. The 32GB version of the streaming box is $149, but the 64GB version is on sale through Best Buy for $189 (regularly $199).
  • iTunes gift cards: A simple gift card to iTunes would suffice, as well. With its amazing catalog of movies, TV shows, music, and apps, it’s a great way for a father to celebrate his Father’s Day.
  • Mac Finder icon pillow: Although not an official Apple product, this is a great gift if your dad is a big Mac user. The pillow is created by Throwboy, which makes geeky themed pillows for other websites such as YouTube and Tumblr. As a user of the pillow myself, I can say that it is a nice gift and certainly one that a father will never forget. As for how the Mrs. likes it…yeah, let’s not go there. The pillow is currently $29.99 through Throwboy.
  • Tech support coupons: Have a father that is not so tech savvy? Well, create a tech support coupon book. This way, if your father needs any sort of help with his smartphone, tablet, or laptop, he can redeem a coupon to get the necessary help he needs.
  • Apple Music: Lastly, Apple Music is a great gift to get the father in the family. He likely has a lot of music that he has purchased through iTunes, but who wants to spend $1.29 per song on iTunes every time he finds a song he likes. With Apple Music, the fee is $9.99 per month but with the biggest music catalog imaginable. Apple Music also launched its own original programming this past week with new episodes of Planet of the Apps being released every Tuesday night, and the new CarPool Karaoke series debuting in August. It’s a great time to be joining Apple Music.