PowrTabs are a simple portable charger in a world of many on-the-go chargers for your iPhone. The thing that keeps this device from all of the others, and the reason why it makes a perfect Christmas gift, is it is 100% disposable and biodegradable charger.

The PowrTab is a device that should be in the backpacks of every person with a smartphone because it is small, and disposable. This is the perfect emergency charger that can fit virtually anywhere in your bag or purse. This emergency charger will give your phone an extra 4 hours of battery life, which is more than enough to make a few emergency phone calls, or simply give you enough battery life to get you through your day. The PowrTab comes pre-charged, so you simple take it out of its packaging and plug it into your phone. When you are done with it, you simply just recycle it, and go on your way. There is no more space in your bag taken up by an empty charger waiting to be recharged. 

Today (11/22/16), PowrTabs is doing a giveaway on their Instagram account. All you have to do is click the link in their bio, repost their picture, and tag them in that post. Go to @powrtabs on Instagram to enter! To buy PowrTabs, go to the PowrTabs webite to place your order. They are $4.99 for one, $14.99 for 3, $24.99 for 6, or $49.99 for 12. PowrTabs have iPhone and Android versions, so whatever phone you have, there’s a PowrTab for you.