Last week, Apple silently killed off the Apple TV 3rd Generation. This product was released in 2012 and lasted four years on store shelves and was one of the top streaming devices on the market before the Apple TV 4th Generation was released in 2015.

I still own the Apple TV 3rd Generation and I have to say that it is one of my favorite Apple devices that I own. The Netflix app is better than the one you get on the current Apple TV. One thing that I think people will miss out of this version of the Apple TV is how small it was, compared to the 4th Generation version that is bulkier. However, I do not see myself using my Apple TV 3rd Generation anymore due to the fact that I do have the 4th Generation now.


My Apple TV 4th Generation

Even though Apple has discontinued it officially, consumers can still find them at stores like Target, Staples, and Best Buy, but don’t expect the supply to last for much longer. There are also refurbished ones in Apple’s online refurbished store. If you want one, the time to buy one is now, whether you actually want one for the sake of using it or you are a collector.


Apple TV’s still available at my local Target this past weekend

Overall, the Apple TV 3rd Generation was a great device and Apple really did a great job with the design, build, interface, and services. But like every other piece of older technology out there, something else better came along and changed the game.

RIP 2012-2016